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We need YOU to help bring this plan to life.

If buildings could just be built, we would do that for you all. But like many other major projects on this campus, there are many steps that need to be taken. The next step that you can help us with is the upcoming referendum campaign. Wanting an idea of some of the next moves we would take after a successful referendum – just scroll down or click the button below!

Referendum Campaign

Thank you for voting YES and ensuring that future graduate students have a space where they will truly feel welcome; a space that they can call home.  Between March 23 to 25, graduate students strongly shared their desire for a home, with over 70% of students voting in favour of referendum!

Let’s keep the momentum going, and if you are as excited about this project as we are then tell your friends and colleagues as well.  Together we take the next big step on this journey together and move this project forward. 

Whether you are a graduate or undergraduate student, faculty, staff or a member of the larger community, we want you to continue to reach out if you have questions about the project. Please contact the GSA and let us know your thoughts and perspectives! While we have certainly come a long way with this project, we are far from finished and so much remains open for further consultation and revision.  We have created a vision of what future graduate student space on campus could look like, but this referendum was about opening doors to the next steps of where the project can go.  If you have ideas about what the new space should include or what it should look like then please reach out through our various social media channels and let us know.

Timeline and Next Steps

As the referendum was successful, the GSA is moving forward with securing a loan for the project from the university and establishing timelines for further consultation with our members around the needs and uses for the new space.  The GSA will also work with University Advancement to solicit further donations for the space to help offset the cost of construction.  The GSA has already secured over $100,000.00 for the construction of the building.  While there are no specific timelines set for a construction date, it is the GSA’s goal to have construction begin before the end of the GSA’s new strategic plan (approximately 2025-26).


Executive Director, Mary Tibollo

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