Rakha Zabin

GSA President

I am a third-year Ph.D. Candidate at the Joint Ph.D. Program in Educational Studies specializing in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies. I am currently employed as an instructor and a research assistant at the Faculty of Education. Earlier, I worked proactively as a teaching assistant, writing mentor, and advanced educational tutor at Brock University. I am currently working as an academic reviewer for several international journals. Earlier, I worked as an Advanced Educational Development Intern at where I assisted in the development of global educational resources accessible to educators in order to promote the UNESCO ICT CFT 2030 framework and share further recommendations for its feasibility and sustenance. I hold another Master’s in TESOL and a Bachelor of Arts in English, majoring in Linguistics. Also, I have pursued a Master of Education degree specializing in the field of Administration and Educational Leadership, with a major research paper published. 

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