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Where is this new building going? And what can we expect from it?

By this point, we’re hoping that you’ve read all about our history, our growth as a graduate student community at Brock and what A Home to Call Our Own is. If not, it’s okay – we understand your excitement to learn more about the project and find out more about the location and concepts! We still recommend taking a moment to read about the history, growth and beginnings of the New Building Levy Referendum – 2021, though, for the fullest picture of our plans.

Now that you’re here, let’s have a conversation about the location and the concept for Our Future and Permanent Home. Find out where we are hoping to build on campus, what may be in the building and gain insight on the consultation process that occurred before each of these steps.


To further develop a vision for a home for graduate students, the GSA enlisted the help of consultants and architects familiar with graduate student associations. In our case, we consulted with a firm whose expertise was used in the redevelopment of the Phoenix: a +10,000 square foot, new home of the McMaster GSA at McMaster University. The Brock GSA has worked closely with this team over the course of the past few months to develop a concept for what the space could look like at Brock. And because this is 100% new space, the possibilities were nearly endless.

Earlier this year, surveys were circulated to all Brock graduate students asking for your perspectives on design ideas for the space, what kind of concepts or layouts really stood out to you, and what you found compelling or inspiring.  We heard you and we were inspired by you! Your feedback was incorporated into the proposed plans for the new building, and while not every interest could be included within the proposal, we are very excited to show you what we have come up with. It certainly stands out within the landscapes of Brock and would achieve our goal of a distinct, visible and supportive space for graduate students.


The proposed location is right in the heart of campus, a two story multi-million dollar facility providing over 8500 square feet of new graduate student space.  Adjacent to the north face of the existing David S. Howes theatre, this new building would provide breathtaking views out on to the Johnson Creek and the surrounding ravine.  All while directly connected to the existing campus infrastructure, ensuring graduate students are able to access the building from both inside during inclement weather and outside on sunny days.

Google Maps View

With the bus stop on the far right of this photo, we weren’t lying when we said that our building would be in the heart of the campus. Not only is it near the buses, our home is near the library, food vendors, the newly-renovated Zone and more!

Consultant’s Drawing

While the trees aren’t seen in this drawing, pretend that they are still surrounding our new building (the white blocked building along with the criss-crossed, light brown block). With minimal environmental impact, our building is truly immersed within nature and the campus.


Located on the main floor the facility will feature a graduate restaurant and kitchen, including bar potential and patio seating.  Inside the restaurant will have room for 150 seated patrons, while the remainder of the main floor will have additional space for graduate programming, breakout and facilitation space. There will also be a two-story green/live wall, within space offering over 180 degree views out into the adjacent landscape. The second floor will house GSA office and meeting space, along with bookable graduate space for graduate students who do not have access to dedicated student space on campus.  There will also be additional space for future growth, which could include graduate club, mentorship or research space.

Want to know more? Check out the building blueprints and site plan!

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