You are THIS close to seeing the potential of graduate student space at Brock University.

This is probably one of the most exciting pages on this website, but perhaps we’re a bit biased. Home to design details, ideas for future expansions, blueprints and renderings, it is easy to get lost in the possibilities, the opportunities and the wonders that this building could bring to campus. Take some time to dream of yourself in a space like this.

Design & Future Expansion

The new Graduate Student Building has been envisioned as a home that would fit seamlessly into the surrounding landscape, rather than a build made of glass and concrete it will take advantage of a number of different materials, both to minimize the environmental footprint for construction but also the impact on the university’s green space.  It will include glass, concrete, metal and wood throughout blending both natural and human-made materials for a truly unique, one-of-a-kind structure on campus.  It will also be a net-zero project and is expected to qualify for LEED certification.

The new graduate student building has been designed for future expansion, and features a connecting hallway designed for future growth.  This hallway would provide direct connection to a glass bridge (similar to the bridge found between the Cairns and Mackenzie Chown Complexes) over the Johnson Creek and Ravine, and across to another building directly adjacent to the Brock Mall (location of the Major General Sir Isaac Brock Statue), providing graduate students even more direct access to the new building from the heart of campus.

Below, you’ll find photos of the proposed blueprints and renderings of what our building can look like. Though the blueprints show three floors, the basement would merely be for storage and deliveries – the excitement for graduate students can be found on levels one and two.


Level 1
Level 2


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