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About the GSA

Our History

Brock University was established in 1964 as a small, solely-undergraduate institution located within the basement of a local church, then later housed within a former manufacturing site. Though starting with humble beginnings, Brock University has grown to be a comprehensive post-secondary institution with both undergraduate and graduate programs across six academic faculties.

Our place within the university community first came informally, where in 1970, the first graduate programs were offered. Over the next three decades, the graduate student population continued to grow to meet the demand of the region and beyond. In the late 1990s, Graduate Studies was formally organized into a faculty, joining the six academic faculties at the university.

The GSA followed the lead of the faculty shortly thereafter. In 2001, we welcomed our first executive team and became the official representative of graduate students at Brock. In 2008, we were formally incorporated as a non-profit corporation without share capital and have continued to refine our mandate in response to the evolving needs of our membership. We have grown from a few hundred graduate students in the early 2000s to a population of nearly 2000 graduate students at the beginning of 2021. Graduate students now have the opportunity to choose from over 50 graduate programs, while bringing their unique backgrounds and interests to campus.

Within the last decade, the growth of the graduate student population has been truly expansive, doubling our compliment since 2011. In reflection of this growth, it has become critical that the GSA respond to the needs of our members, and in turn the association, by charting a path forward that identifies who we are, where we are going and what we seek to accomplish. As we continue to grow, the GSA knows that we will continue to face complex challenges that continue to evolve and must be prepared to encounter them.

Our Present Day

The Graduate Students’ Association (GSA) represents the interests of all graduate students at Brock University. At registration all graduate students at Brock, full-time and part-time, become members of the GSA.

We are the independent voice of graduate students on campus, and we are recognized by Brock University as the official representative of Brock graduate students.

Our purpose is to:


Enhancing the graduate student experience through holistic representation and advocacy.


An equitable and sustainable graduate community where all students feel supported, engaged, and empowered to succeed.

Values We Strive For


Beyond inclusivity, we see an opportunity to address systemic concerns across the institution in a way that benefits all graduate students. Inclusion can be passive, but we believe in an active role for the GSA in upholding the principles of fairness and equality.


Graduate students form a collective of interests at Brock University, and we believe in furthering those experiences for the benefit of all our members. Creating a space that feels warm, inviting, and supportive, a home away from home.


Seeing the value of the whole, graduate students are more than just their contribution to the university – we live the complex intersections of research, employment, academics and personal lives. Constantly at a crossroads, we are unique and should be seen as such.


Graduate students have unique identities, and they should feel that they are acknowledged while their academic and non-academic choices are supported. Igniting a passion of self-exploration within the graduate community where students can thrive rather than survive.


Growth with the future in mind, reflecting the consequences of decisions and minimizing footprints while maximizing effectiveness. We understand that we need to be effective stewards of the GSA for upcoming generations of graduate students.

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